BlackRapid Unveils Sport-L Strap for Left-Handed Photographers; ProtectR Security Cable; and White Camera Strap Aimed at Women

July 10, 2012

BlackRapid, which pioneered the sling-style camera strap, just announced three new products: the Sport-L Strap, a sling strap designed for left-handed photographers; the ProtectR, a steel security cable designed to prevent your strap from being cut by thieves; and the BlackRapid Women’s Strap, which is…well…a camera strap designed for women.

All three products are on sale now at specialty photography retailers worldwide. Estimated (but not final) pricing for the Sport-L is $69.95. The ProtectR is offered in size regular (17” X 2”) and estimated pricing is $24.95. For size long (21.5” X 2”) of the ProtectR, estimated pricing $26.95.

The Women’s Strap (RS-W1-LTD) is estimated to retail for $58.95. BlackRapid hopes to have final pricing soon.

More details in the press release below.


BlackRapid Announces ProtectR, “Left Handed” Camera Straps and New Colored Women’s Limited Edition

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July 10, 2012—Seattle, Washington—BlackRapid, creators of The Original Camera Sling, the revolutionary camera strap system, today announced the launch of two innovative new photography accessories, the Sport-L camera strap and the ProtectR.  Designed specifically for left-handed photographers, the Sport-L camera strap is ergonomic, stylish, efficient and built for speed.  The ProtectR attaches to an existing camera strap or bag, providing additional security for travelers.   In addition, for female photographers looking for both style and function, BlackRapid is offering a limited-edition women’s strap color, in vivid white.

“We strive to create products that solve fundamental problems for photographers, so they can focus on living in the moment and not fussing with their gear,” said Ron Henry, photographer and founder of, BlackRapid. “Whether it’s wanting to feel more secure in unfamiliar surroundings or just being a left-hander, we want to provide the solution.”

Sport-L Strap
The Sport-L Strap is the world’s first camera strap designed exclusively for left-handed photographers. Now, a new group of left-handed shooters have all the advantages that the Sport strap has provided right-handed individuals since the launch of the Sport Strap in 2010. The strap is designed to fit the contour of a photographer who wants the camera strap to sit on their right shoulder while grabbing the camera from the left side of the body. The Sport-L Camera strap compliments BlackRapid’s Classic and Cargo camera straps that can be worn by right or left-handed shooters.

Delivered with the same features and ballistic nylon material as our other R-straps, the Sport-L Strap also comes with a stabilizer strap (Brad) to keep the pad anchored in place for even the most active photographers.
“I used the new Sport-L strap for a photo shoot of a cyclist in motion, which involved handheld panning shots, as well as the use of a tripod, and was amazed by the results,” said Kisha Beek, a left-handed professional photographer and BlackRapid advocate based in Dubai.  “I was able to move around comfortably, and get into different positions to shoot from different angles without the camera swinging around unnecessarily.  This is the first camera strap I’ve ever seen that’s been especially designed to work with the different requirements of a left-hander.”

ProtectR features a solid lightweight 1.5mm steel security cable, which provides a perimeter barrier around the BlackRapid camera strap to prevent the strap from being cut. This is ideal for travelers who want added protection in unfamiliar surroundings.
In addition, the ProtectR adds a level of first defense by exposing the cable through small cut-aways in the fabric to reveal the cable to deter any initial encounter, unlike other products where the cabling is concealed and the offender is unaware of any protection. The ProtectR comes in two accommodating sizes.

Women’s Strap
The BlackRapid Women’s Strap is the camera strap designed for women, by women. The shoulder pad is ergonomically curved to fit the female body. This sleek durable design is available in classic black ballistic, black floral textured and now in a limited edition, BlackRapid is making the women’s strap available in vivid white.

The Sport -L strap and ProtectR continue the company’s move into the broader camera accessories market with products designed for speed, comfort and efficiency. In addition to camera straps, the company also offers the SnapR line of camera bags and the LensBling Rear Cap System, with easy-to-see graphics and labels for the focal length of the lens on the rear lens cap.

“One of our primary objectives is to be a provider of superior customer service, in doing so, we focus on our customers needs and the input provided by our global community of photographers. The Sport –L is an outcome of this process with respect to listening to a select group and developing a product for their needs,” said Kurt Peterson, President of Black Rapid Inc.

For more information about other BlackRapid products go to, or any of our listed retailers or distributors for further information.

About BlackRapid
BlackRapid is the premier camera accessory brand, offering products designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers. Based in Seattle, WA, BlackRapid’s products are distributed in over 50 countries. Seattle photographer Ron Henry founded BlackRapid in 2008, with co-owner and BlackRapid President, Kurt Peterson.