Bring on the Bokeh: Lastolite Backdrops Take the Guesswork Out of Background Blur

July 29, 2014

By Greg Scoblete

Bokeh is all the rage these days, but sometimes it’s just not practical to take subjects outdoors. Rather than risk the elements, Lastolite thinks they have a better solution for studio photographers: an out-of-focus background.

The company is out with a pair of new reversible backgrounds that will enable almost any camera/lens combo to recreate a bokeh effect. One features a blurred seascape/autumn foliage and the other sports summer foliage on one side and city lights on the other. At 4 x 5 feet, these backdrops should handle close to full-length portraits and will collapse to about a third of their size for transport (they weigh in at 6.6 pounds). 

The backgrounds will set you back about $205.