Action Cameras

GoPro’s Next Tricks: Virtual Reality Rig and a Drone

May 28, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Flush with cash from its IPO, action cam maker GoPro is setting its sights on two new categories: virtual reality rigs and drones.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said the company was working on a rig that would use multiple GoPro cameras to capture footage for use in virtual reality or augmented reality productions, according to TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino. Woodman revealed his company’s next steps at the Code Conference.

The move makes sense, considering GoPro recently purchased the virtual reality software company Kolor, whose products are used to stitch together 360-degree video presentations. GoPro is looking to create a unified hardware and software solution to compete with company’s like Freedom360 (whose rig is pictured above) that sell hardware and then bundle third party software, like Kolor, to VR filmmakers.
Alexandre Jenny, Kolor CEO, tweeted that the forthcoming VR rig would consist of six GoPro cameras and bundle Kolor’s stitching software. The rig is expected to be available in the second half of this year.
Woodman also told conference goers that GoPro would enter the red-hot market for photo drones with its own flying camera in the later half of 2016. No other details about the product were forthcoming, though Woodman did say the drone would be aimed at consumers.