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Medium Format in the Sky: DJI and Hasselblad Announce First Product

July 12, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Last year, Chinese drone maker DJI bought a stake in Swedish medium format camera maker Hasselblad, hinting at a future product partnership. Today, the first fruits of this tie-up were announced. It’s not a brand new product, but the bundling of two existing products: Hasselblad’s A5D aerial medium format camera and DJI’s M600 drone.

Announced at NAB, DJI’s M600 is compatible with the new Ronin-MX gimbal and is equipped with 6 intelligent batteries, the A3 flight controller and DJI’s Lightbridge 2 Professional HD transmission system.

Hasselblad’s compact, aerial A5D camera is available in 40, 50 and 60-megapixel versions. The DJI/Hasselblad bundle will offer the 50-megapixel CMOS version of the A5D and also include a 50mm lens. The camera can deliver 16-bit files with up to 14 stops of dynamic range and is weather-sealed.

Paired up and you’ve got a potent, if potentially pricey, aerial photography solution. The package will cost $25,999.