Object of Desire: TinyMos Tiny1

April 21, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Astro photography is a demanding discipline. For one thing, you need to be outside, late at night—preferably in the wild spaces beyond the reach of humanity’s pervasive light pollution. You not only have to lug your gear out with you, but you need to have a basic understanding of what celestial objects will be in your view. The ingenious Tiny1 solves both of those problems. As the name suggests, it’s a fairly compact camera, but size isn’t its main virtue. The Tiny1 doubles as a mini computer, armed with a map of the sky, a GPS to detect your location, and a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer to help synchronize your position and movement with the night sky’s wonders. You can type “Mars” into the camera’s menu and the Tiny1 will direct you, on its large, 4.3-inch capacitive touch display, toward the point in the sky where Mars is. Using augmented reality, you can view star maps super-imposed onto the camera’s live view feed of the sky, so you can impress friends and family with your knowledge of constellations while photographing them. The camera uses a CS lens mount and can be adapted to DSLRs and telescopes. The camera has a low-resolution sensor by today’s standards at 4-megapixels, but the company opted for larger pixels (2 microns) to improve the Tiny1’s low light performance. You can shoot RAW (DNG) and TIFF files as well as 2.5K video at up to 60fps. There’s also a time-lapse mode and remote control via Wi-Fi.

PRICE: $449