Object of Desire: Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

January 7, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

At the tail end of the summer, Fujifilm made a presentation to investors detailing the meteoric, if somewhat confounding, rise in instant film camera sales. After a brief, smartphone-driven collapse in 2004, instant film camera sales have soared, offering reassuring proof that people still value the tangible immediacy of instant prints. Fuji’s latest instant snapshooter, the Instax Mini 70, looks to keep the momentum alive with a few modern touches. Among them is a selfie mode that adjusts exposure settings such as focal length and brightness to optimize for portraits. You’ll frame your selfie using the camera’s front-facing mirror. There’s also a new and improved flash that calculates surrounding light and automatically adjusts the camera shutter speed for an optimal exposure. A high-key mode lets you capture bright skin tones without washing them out. Finally, there’s a self-timer and tripod socket for group portraits. The Mini 70 has a fixed lens equivalent to 60mm with three focusing modes. In Macro, the camera can focus on subjects as close as 11.8 inches. Normal focusing mode spans between 2 and 9 feet, and a landscape mode focuses from 9 feet to infinity. The camera accepts Fuji’s Instax Mini film, an ISO 800 color film with an image area of 1.8X2.4 inches, with some blank space to spare so you can scribble a note for posterity. Fashionistas will have their choice of a yellow, white or blue camera. A 20-pack of film sells for $20.

PRICE: $125


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