Fujifilm Launches Instax Mini 9

March 28, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Instant film is enjoying a well-publicized rebirth and Fujifilm has been a major beneficiary of that trend (indeed, the company says it sells more instant film cameras than digital ones).

The new Instax Mini 9 looks to keep the demand pump primed: this $70 is one of the least expensive Minis yet.

Available in April, the Mini 9 sports a selfie mirror, high-key mode, built-in flash and a removable close-up lens to shoot subjects as close as 35cm. The camera uses a 60mm lens with shutter speed fixed at 1/60 sec.

There will be five color options. Three–pink, blue and green–will be available in April. In June, cobalt blue and smokey white will arrive.