Lomography Resurrects Single Use Film Camera with New “Simple Use” Camera

April 18, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Lomography is dusting off another analog format for the 21st century, the venerable single use film camera.

The new “Simple Use” camera will come pre-loaded with one of three Lomography 35mm films: color negative, black & white or LomoChrome Purple. All of the films are ISO 400.

You can also load in your own 35mm film once the original roll is spent, though you don’t have to (and doing so voids the warranty).

The camera has a flash and will come with three colored flash gel filters (yellow, magenta, cyan). It features a 31mm fixed lens, a 1/120 sec. shutter speed and a fixed f/9 aperture. It can focus from 1m to infinity and is powered by a single AA battery.

The LomoChrome Purple edition will cost you $22; the color negative and the black and white edition will cost $17