Medium Format

The Hasselblad H6D-400c Can Capture 400-Megapixel Images

January 16, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Hasselblad is releasing a variant of its H6D-100c 100-megapixel medium format camera that can create 400-megapixel images using the company’s Multi-Shot technology.

The H6D-400c offers an identical feature set to the H6D-100c but also offers a Multi-Shot mode to create higher resolution images with more accurate color.

During Multi-Shot mode, the camera captures six exposures: four by moving the sensor by one pixel increments and two with the sensor shifting by 1/2 pixel increments. The six images are then merged into a single a 2.4GB 16-bit TIFF file (23200 x 17400 pixels). The camera must be tethered during Mult-Shot mode.

The camera can also take four images to create a 100-megapixel image with improved color fidelity.

An illustration of Multi-Shot in action. The sensor moves to collect more accurate color information.

The H6D-400c ships in March for $47,995.