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IKEA to Carry Hasselblad Masters Photography

February 12, 2018

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA may be best known for its (relatively) easy-to-assemble furniture gracing everything from college dorms to suburban split-levels, but now the world’s largest furniture retailer is adding a bit of high culture to its mix.

Starting in late summer, the company will start selling photo prints from a selection of Hasselblad Master Award winners.

The move was spurred, in part, by IKEA research that suggested that “people are moving from valuing practical benefits to appreciating the emotional aspects of objects. This trend seems especially strong for Millennials who put higher value on emotional features, such as art and design, in order to create a home that is unique and aligns with their personality.”

The Hasselblad collection includes eight images from Hasselblad Master Award winners Dmitry Ageev, Lars van de Goor, Hans Strand, Bára Prášilová, Ali Rajabi, Tom D. Jones, and Joachim Schmeisser. Winners will receive an unspecified portion of each print sale.

The 35 x 25-inch prints will be on sale at all IKEA locations starting in August.