Nikon Officially Announces Forthcoming Full Frame Mirrorless Camera [Updated]

July 25, 2018

After the obligatory tour of the Internet rumor mill, Nikon made it official: it’s developing a full frame mirrorless camera to compete with Sony.

Details are sparse, but here’s what Nikon officially confirmed: there will be a new lens mount and new line of Nikkor lenses to support the camera, plus an adapter so existing F-mount lenses can work with the new camera.

And that’s about all we know (officially, at least).

UPDATE: Now Nikon has released a video which gives us a slightly closer look at what the new mirrorless body will look like:

UPDATE II: Yet another short teaser video (why do we feel this won’t be the last…), this time focusing on the camera body.

Nikon revealed a new microsite to promote its mystery camera while Nikon Europe published this teaser video.