Object of Desire: Lomography Diana Winter Edition Cameras

February 19, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

If film photography warms you heart (and it should), then Lomography’s Diana Winter Edition cameras are sure to brighten your cheeks as the Mercury drops. The Diana Winter series is available in two models, both bedecked in wintery colors. The Diana F+ Cortina is a medium-format camera that accepts 120mm film with a square aspect ratio, while the Diana Mini Monte Rosa is a 35mm model offering both square and half-frame aspect options. Both Dianas offer a bulb mode for long exposures, a built-in flash, a multiple exposures feature and a pinhole function. The cameras also support Lomography’s “endless panorama” feature for shooting up to 16 photos side-to-side (you’ll need to use the included plastic mask to properly frame your pano). The medium-format F+ Cortina has two shutter speeds (1/100 sec. and a bulb mode) and three aperture settings (f/8, f/11 and f/16). The camera has a fixed 75mm lens. The 35mm Diana Mini Monte Rosa, known for its soft-focus and vignettes, offers a pair of aperture settings (f/8 and f/11) and a fixed 1/60 shutter speed. There’s a 24mm fixed focal length lens capable of focusing as close as 24 inches. When you shoot in half-frame mode, you can squeeze 72 shots per roll of film. Alternatively, square mode fills the frame and consumes 36 shots per roll.

PRICE: $99 (F+ Cortina); $109 (Mini Monte Rosa)

INFO: www.

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