Objects of Desire: Ricoh Theta

February 27, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Creating 360-degree photos used to involve a considerable amount of time and effort composing and editing. Now, Ricoh’s Theta can stitch them in a snap. Now in its second generation, the Theta brings a few new tricks to the table. First, it can now record 360-degree videos, with audio, for up to 3 minutes. (You’ll need to process the 360-degree videos on your desktop first before you can view them.) The new Theta also gets a speed boost with Wi-Fi transfers up to 2X faster than in the original version, so you can view your immersive stills on your iOS or Android device in record time. Using the Theta mobile app, you can also trigger the camera’s shutter, or set shutter speed, white balance and ISO. Like its predecessor, the Theta boasts a pair of fish-eye lenses, one on either side of its slender vertical body, that each snap a 180-degree image. The snapshots are then stitched together in the camera to create a single 360-degree photo which you can navigate around using the app or free desktop software from Ricoh. The updated Theta is also more colorful, in your choice of blue, yellow, white or pink.

Price: $300