Phase One Acquires Mamiya

December 3, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Phase One has acquired the assets of Mamiya Digital Imaging Company.

Phase One had held a 45 percent stake in Mamiya since 2009 and will now take full control over the company’s production of medium format camera systems, central shutters and lenses.

“Phase One is now the only medium format camera company that has full internal control of all critical components in a world class imaging system,” says Niels V. Knudsen Phase One’s Image Professor in a statement announcing the deal. 

Makoto Honda was named President of Phase One Japan. Mamiya’s 80 employees, factory and brand will be integrated into Phase One, the company said.

“Phase One Japan is committed to developing new and custom designed masterpiece leaf shutter optics in close partnership with top photographers, imaging companies and long term design partner Schneider Kreuznach,” Honda said in a statement announcing the deal. 

Phase One received a major capital injection in 2014 after the European private equity firm Silverfleet Capital bought a majority stake in the company.