Phase One Brings 100-Megapixel IQ3 Back into A Series

February 5, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Phase One will bring recently announced 100-megapixel IQ3 CMOS sensor-based medium format camera back into the company’s A Series.

The A Series, announced last year, integrates a Phase One digital back with an ALPA lens and 12TC mirrorless camera body. Like the other IQ backs in the A Series, the IQ 100MP will ship with factory-calibrated Alpa lens cast calibration (LCC) profiles for each of the three A-series lenses.

Calibrating and creating LCC profiles manually using Capture One can be a laborious process, involving shooting test images with the same shutter setting as the images you’ll want to correct for—meaning you may need to shoot several LCC test shots just to build the requisite bank of profiles. With the A Series, applying a LCC profile is as simple as selecting your lens from the back’s menu or, if you prefer, from the updated Capture Pilot iOS mobile app. 

The A Series IQ3 100MP back will ship with a 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens and the 12TC mirrorless camera body for $56,000. It’s available now. The A Series IQ3 100MP back is also compatible with Phase One’s XF camera system.

Two optional lenses are also available in the series: the Alpagon 23mm f/5.6 and the Alpagon 70mm f/5.6, for $9,070 and $4,520, respectively.

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