New Phase Trichromatic Digital Back Promises Color As the Human Eye Sees It

September 13, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Phase One’s newest 100-megapixel medium format back promises to take a page from human vision, capturing colors as the human eye perceives them.

This feat is made possible thanks to a newly designed color Bayer Filter (designed by Phase, manufactured by Sony) for a 100-megapixel CMOS sensor.

According to Phase One, the new filter enables a cleaner color separation of red, green and blue pixels, particularly at lower wavelengths, resulting in more accurate and natural results. As for the new sensor, Phase One says it was “designed to provide accurate colors more easily as the sensor can ensure the purity of color measure for each individual pixel. This is easiest to see in richer chroma as there is less contamination (and therefore improved additive color control) from neighboring hues.”

Also of note, the sensor on the Trichromatic back offers lowest base ISO of any CMOS-based medium format back, ISO 35. The maximum ISO is the same as the IQ3 100MP (12,800).

Beyond the new sensor, the Trichromatic back will offer the same feature set as the IQ3 100MP back, including 15 stops of dynamic range, 60 minute exposures, 16-bit color and 3.2-inch touch display and more.

You can view sample RAW files from the Trichromatic here.

The Trichromatic will cost $44,990.

Phase One also announced the fourth feature update for its XF camera system. Here’s what’s coming:

  • An Autofocus & Recompose mode that enables you to focus on a subject and then move the camera while the focus point remains the same. A Focus Trim Tool is now available to calibrate lenses.
  • A Focus Trim Tool for calibrating lenses.
  • An Automatic Focus Stack Calculator that evaluates focusing distance, sensor resolution and aperture to automatically suggest the number of frames you’ll need to capture.
  • Vibration Analysis which tells the photographer of any camera shake during an exposure.