Phase One Updates XF Camera System, Bumps Capture One to V 9.1

March 17, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

When Phase One announced its new XF medium format camera system in 2015, they promised a continuous string of firmware updates to improve the functionality of the camera in response to user feedback. Today, the company made good on its pledge with a major firmware update alongside an update to Capture One Pro 9. The company also added a pair of leaf shutter lenses to its line.

XF Camera Firmware

The new firmware is available for free for XF camera owners and delivers a variety of new features, including:

* Integrated sequence photography: a focus stack tool provides automated camera focus control throughout a sequence of captured images; 

* Time-lapse shooting at user selected intervals;

* HDR sequence shooting with automated bracketing and unique metadata tags for Capture One integration; 

* Self Timer Delay that’s customizable from a half of a second up to 60 seconds;

* The HoneyBee AF platform has been updated to improve accuracy in low light and low contrast conditions.

Changes have also been made to the OneTouch UI which will make it more intuitive when using on the camera or when shooting tethered in Capture One, Phase One said.

In addition to the new firmware, Phase One is adding two new leaf shutter lenses to its lineup: a Schneider Kreuznach 110mm LS f/2.8 ($5,390) and Schneider Kreuznach 240mm LS f/4.5 for $6,490.

The new lenses feature a metal focusing ring and AF/MF selector ring plus a metal lens hood with anti-skid rubber edging.    

Capture One Version 9.1

The company is also updating its Capture One Pro software to version 9.1

The new version adds several workflow tools including a redesigned “copy from last” tool to support improved rotation when doing overhead shots. Copy from last now includes metadata as well. Live view is now rotatable too, and the next capture will mirror the live view’s orientation. There will also be new shortcuts for reset counters, layer controls and “select by” tools. 

Among the new editing tools are a skin tone uniformity control and a new color editor skin tone tool which adds uniformity sliders for saturation and lightness, helping to correct for uneven skin tones.

On the image management front, you can now control and limit the keyword libraries output to final file. Images captured via the XF’s new Focus Stack, HDR Sequence and Time-lapse Tools are automatically tagged.

Capture One 9.1 costs $299 but is free for existing Capture One 9 customers. You’ll pay $99 to upgrade from version 7 or 8.