Phase One Updates XF Camera System

October 3, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Phase One is rolling out an update to its XF camera system today.

“Feature Update 3” adds an electronic shutter to the IQ3 100MP system and Profoto TTL metering integrated into the XF camera system’s AF sensor. Also new is a Flash Analysis tool that lets you review your flash output after the shot, including flash duration, output power and flash sync timing.

The XF Camera System now includes Icon Control so  you to customize the tools and icons on the XF’s top screen. Side menu tools can also be customized. Any customizations made to the XF system can now be saved to one of three setup fields and saved to a CF card where they can be transferred to a PC for backup or to another XF camera.

Phase One also announced the new XF V-Grip for the XF camera so you can shoot in a vertical orientation.

The firmware is available for download now and is free for current camera owners. The new XF V-Grip will be shipping in November and will set you back  $1,490.

Capture One Pro 9 has also been updated to version 9.3. The new update delivers support for EIZO monitor calibration.

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