The Most Expensive Camera In the World Is a Leica Prototype

March 12, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Photographers well know the premium that Leica cameras command in the market, but a recent auction has established an eye-popping threshold for what these cameras can command decades after they’re built.

Over the weekend, Vienna’s Westlicht camera auction house auctioned off a 1923 prototype of a Leica 0 Series camera.

The camera — serial number 122 — went on auction at a starting price of €400,000 ($492,300) but a bidding war pushed it up to €2 million plus a €400,000 surcharge for the auctioneer. It was purchased by a private collector in Asia.

That price sets a new world record for most expensive camera, according to Westlicht. Ironically, Leica was only competing with itself. The (now) second most expensive camera is another Leica 0 Series, which sold for €2.16 million in 2012.

According to Westlicht, one reason the camera fetched such a high price was its excellent condition.

You can watch the moment when these gigantic sums changed hands in the video below.


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