Object of Desire: SmallHD HDR Production Monitors

August 19, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

SmallHD has made a name for itself producing small field monitors for video productions. But don’t let the name, or the company’s prior product introductions, fool you. There’s nothing small about their newest monitors. The SmallHDR line, the company’s first daylight-viewable, large production monitors, come in 17-inch, 24-inch and 32-inch sizes. They feature a brightness up to 1,500 nits and HDR preview capability when shooting with a high dynamic range camera. All the monitors are capable of self-calibration thanks to the company’s Color Intelligence Engine, which generates a 3D calibration lookup table (LUT) for the display from data received from a USB-connected color probe (sold separately). The monitors support 10-bit color processing, 10-bit HD waveform and scopes, and 3D LUTs. A ColorFlow feature lets filmmakers compare 3D LUTs side-by-side with raw camera footage and there’s a dedicated button to activate and deactivate LUTs. These are field ready displays with a housing that was milled from billet aluminum, and they’re nearly impervious to damage—SmallHD subjected the monitors to gunfire, baseball bat beatings, and they ran over them with a Jeep without damaging them. They ship with a user-replaceable, 3mm-thick screen protector. The monitors can be mounted to a C-stand, have a built-in top handle and offer a built-in RapidRail system on the back for mounting accessories like wireless transmitters.

PRICE: $3,999 (17-inch); $5,499 (24-inch); $7,999 (32-inch)

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