Object of Desire: Atomos Ninja Assassin

December 23, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Whether or not you could pass for a true ninja assassin, the Ninja Assassin will let DSLR and mirrorless filmmakers karate-chop their 4K workflow. The 7-inch Assassin borrows a number of features from the company’s popular Shogun recorder, including its 1920×1080 display with 320 pixels per inch, support for 10-bit, 422 recording in either ProRes or DNxHR formats, focus peaking, zoom and false color. You’ll also enjoy zebra stripes for checking exposure, waveform/vector scopes for monitoring color and a pre-roll cache recording function that can save up to 8 seconds of HD video or up to 3 seconds of 4K video before you start recording. The Assassin can create video time-lapses with up to 10 different sequences with start/stop times scheduled over a 24-hour period. It also supports 3D look up tables (LUT) with the ability to preview your LUT on only half the display to compare effects. Video files can be tagged during recording or playback with one of 10 tags. The Assassin is 10 percent lighter than the Shogun and less expensive, but sheds a few of the Shogun’s features along the way, including 12G/6G/3G-SDI connectivity, RAW recording, Genlock and balanced XLR audio connections. You do get a bumper to protect the Assassin in the field, plus a soft case, an SSD caddy and AC adapter.

PRICE: $1,295