Object of Desire: JuicedLink Little DARling

May 6, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

The Little DARling is a petite audio recorder that’s positioned as a more reliable alternative to a wireless lav. It physically connects to a lav mic (optional) and supports two-track audio recording from a single mic to a microSD card. The recorder can create a second, safety track that’s 16dB lower than the primary track in the event your primary track suffers from excessive clipping.  The Little DARling has several safety features to ensure that mic’ed talent won’t inadvertently foul up your recording. It has locking connectors, so plugs don’t disconnect during recording, and a recessed stop button that makes it harder to accidentally shut off the unit. If that’s not enough peace of mind, the memory card compartment is secured by a thumbscrew. The Little DARling runs on a single AA battery. You’ll enjoy about 12 hours of recording time on regular alkaline batteries or up to 20 hours on a lithium battery. It ships with a detachable belt clip. If you spring for the DARlink with wireless receiver, you can wirelessly start and stop recording using a remote, plus generate a slate tone that gets recorded by any connected DARling recorder. This slate tone will help you organize and synchronize audio files from multiple Little DARlings during post production.

PRICE: $199 (base model); $265 (with wireless receiver)


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