Object of Desire: Sennheiser AVX

August 25, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

The phrase “plug and play” doesn’t always apply to wireless audio, but Sennheiser’s new AVX system aims to change that with a wireless solution for DSLRs and video cameras that’s simple to set up and operate. The system consists of a bodypack transmitter and wireless camera receiver that plugs into either an XLR input or into an XLR-to-mini jack adapter (included) for use with a DSLR. If your XLR jack supports phantom power, the receiver automatically turns on when your camera does and pairs automatically with the transmitter. From there, AVX does most of the thinking for you by automatically setting the correct audio level and matching it to the camera’s input sensitivity so you achieve level sound without having to manually adjust levels. It can hop frequencies inaudibly and proactively before interference hampers your recording. AVX’s adaptive transmitting power feature ensures that the system keeps a reliable link between mic and camera receiver without unduly draining your battery. USB-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power the AVX receiver and transmitter, and remaining battery life is read out on the transmitter’s display. The system also includes accessories for mounting the receiver onto your camera’s hot shoe. There are several AVX kits available, including one with a handheld mic, one with a lavaliere or a kit with both.

Price: $900 (handheld or lavaliere kit); $1,050(lavaliere pro set); $1,300 (combo).


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