Object of Desire: Syrp Genie Mini

April 13, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Unlike the mythical version, this Genie needs no rubbing to grant your wish, if what you wish for are smooth time-lapse videos—though you will have to rub your fingers across your smartphone once in a while. The Genie Mini has an internal motor to rotate your camera and lens 360-degrees for gentle pans and time lapses. It can support loads up to 8.8 pounds, so it’s strong enough for mirrorless cameras and full-frame DSLRs, provided they’re not excessively rigged. You connect your camera and the Mini via an optional sync cable ($19) and connect your smartphone (Android or iOS) to the Mini via Bluetooth. A free app lets you program the Genie’s movements, selecting how many degrees it will rotate and how quickly. It also includes preset movements for favorite scenes, such as people or stars. You can create and save your own custom presets, too. You can set the Mini to ease in and out of its stop and start, so your video doesn’t begin or end with a lurch. The Genie’s internal battery is good for up to 40 hours of time-lapse motion or five hours of continuous panning on a single charge—it recharges in roughly three hours. When moving continuously, the Genie will make a 360-degree rotation in as fast as 33 seconds. The Genie Mini weighs in at a scant 8.1 ounces and is small enough to slip into an accessory pouch in your camera bag or even into a (roomy) pocket in your cargo shorts.

PRICE: $249