Objects of Desire: Arri Alexa 65

December 30, 2014

By Greg Scoblete

You can keep your 4K video: The Arri Alexa 65 boasts a 65mm large-format digital Arri A3X CMOS sensor for 6K (that’s 6560×3102 pixels) widescreen epics. It offers frame rates between 20–27 frames per second with 14 stops of dynamic range. When it’s cranking at maximum resolution, the Alexa 65 has a bit rate of 732 MBps when shooting at 24 fps, producing up to 2.6 TB of data per hour using the proprietary ARRIRAW file format. It also offers two cropped recording modes with lower resolutions, as well as the ability to output digital dailies in the ProRes 4444 format. There’s an SD card slot on hand for software updates, saving menu settings and—coming soon via firmware update—one for grabbing high-resolution stills from the 65’s footage. As you’d expect, the Alexa 65 uses a proprietary XPL lens mount that records lens data for post-production lens effects. The camera will work with a new range of eight prime lenses and one new zoom lens co-developed by Arri and IB/E Optics that utilizes lens elements from Hasselblad. The lenses will be housed in a durable body with a uniform design across the lineup. The Alexa 65 will be available exclusively through Arri’s network of rental houses. What, you didn’t think you could actually afford one, did you?