Objects of Desire: Kinefinity Terra

July 15, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Kinefinity doesn’t have the name recognition in the U.S. of Canon or Blackmagic, but they’re hoping to change that by promising a cinema camera at DSLR prices. The Terra is perhaps closest in spirit to a RED in the sense that the boxy camera can be easily outfitted with extra, largely proprietary modules (monitors, recorders, etc.) as your filmmaking needs evolve. The Terra has a Super 35mm-sized sensor available in either 5K or 6K resolution. When using the 5K sensor, the camera is capable of frame rates up to 60 fps with ProRes footage stored to Kinefinity’s SSD memory. 4K frame rates top off at 100 fps while 2K footage can be recorded up to 200 fps. The 5K model has a dynamic range of 15 stops when in rolling shutter mode or 13 stops if you switch to a global shutter. If you opt for the 6K sensor version of the Terra you’ll get up to 25 fps at 6K and 4K recording at 100 fps with slightly faster 2K recording at 225 fps. The 6K version offers 16 stops of dynamic range when shooting at 3K and 14 stops for all its other resolutions. Base ISO for both models is 800. You’ll have the option to record in Kinefinity’s KineRAW, a 12-bit RAW format, or a 10-bit ProRes 422 file. You’ll have your choice of a Canon EF mount body or a KineMOUNT which is a variant of a PL mount that accepts PL mount and Nikon F mount adapters. An optional KineBACK module (about $1,110) adds extra ports like XLR audio, SDI and V-lock batteries. 

PRICE: $5,400 (6K); $4,600 (5K)


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