Ursa Updated: Blackmagic Design Rolls Out New Firmware, 4K Sensor for Ursa Camera

April 10, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Blackmagic Design is issuing a firmware update for its Ursa camera that will boost the 4K camera’s frame rates and open the door to even higher quality video capture.

Headlining the Camera 2.3 update is the ability to record full HD video at up to 150 frames per second thanks to a window effect that pulls data from a 1920×1080-pixel area at the center of the Ursa’s image sensor.

The Camera 2.3 update will also deliver the ability to record RAW footage to a pair of CFast 2 cards simultaneously as well as brings support for ProRes 4444 XQ — the highest quality ProRes format available.

The new firmware also paves the way for a brand new 4K sensor that can be used in place of the current sensor in the Ursa. The new 4K sensor will support 4K frame rates at up to 120 fps (where the current sensor tops off at 80 fps). Other details, including pricing and availability of the new sensor, won’t be released until April.

The Ursa is user-upgradeable. Owners can unscrew a front module housing both the lens mount and image sensor, and screw in a replacement module with an updated sensor. 

An EF mount Ursa retails for $5,995.