VR & 360 Degree

Object of Desire: Yi Technology 360 VR Camera

September 29, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Fresh from challenging GoPro for a share of the traditional action camera market, Yi Technology is now taking aim at the budding world of virtual reality/360 cameras. Its new 360 VR camera is designed to compete with two-lens action cameras from the likes of Ricoh and Nikon. It can record 5.7K resolution video (5760 x 2880) at 30p via a pair of 220-degree wide-angle lenses and two 12-megapixel CMOS image sensors. Also, 4K/30p 360-degree footage can be stitched together automatically in-camera, saving you time during post-production. You can connect the camera to a mobile device via Wi-Fi to remotely control the camera and preview, playback, edit and share your 360-degree videos. It also includes a Bluetooth remote control. An auto-sync feature will transfer still images from the camera to your phone automatically—without any intervention on your part. Beyond recording, the camera also supports live-streaming a 2.5K resolution 360-degree video at 30 fps. You can livestream to Facebook  and YouTube at bit rates between 6-13Mbps. There’s a time-lapse mode plus a flat color profile to desaturate your footage for color grading in post.

PRICE: $399
INFO: www.yitechnology.com

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