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Ricoh’s Theta V Will Get New Features in the Spring

January 8, 2018

Camera makers are typically reticent about letting outside app developers monkey with their devices. Not Ricoh.

In the Spring of this year, the company plans to let software developers create Android-based plug-ins for the Theta V 360-degree camera to extend its capabilties (something they said they’d do when launching the camera).

Specifically, Ricoh is offering access to the camera’s application program interface (API) and a software development kit (SDK) with tools and guidance to support plug-in development. The company also plans an online “partner marketplace” where users can upload and share the plugins they’ve built. 

The Theta V already has one plug-in pre-installed to support remotely playback Theta V video wirelessly on a compatible display.

The Theta V retails for $429 and is available now.