Yuneec Breeze Aims to Make Drone Photography…a Breeze

August 30, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

If you’ve ever considered buying a drone but wanted to hold off until they were optimized for selfies, well, you’re in luck. Drone-maker Yuneec has released a selfie-oriented flying camera dubbed the Breeze, for $500.

The 1 pound Breeze is operated through a smartphone and offers five automated flying modes to ease newcomers into drone photography. The modes include a selfie mode (of course), a pilot mode for more manual control as well as an orbit mode that puts the Breeze in motion around a subject. A journey mode sends the Breeze away from the operator and then back while a follow-me setting ensures the Breeze stays on the trail of its operator.

The drone’s onboard camera can record 4K video, snap 13-megapixel stills and stream a 720p HD signal to mobile device while airborne. The free Breeze Cam app (iOS and Android) allows you to download images and videos to your mobile device so you can share them on social media. The app can directly share content to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The Breeze uses optical flow and infrared positioning sensors to stay in place whether indoors or outdoors and has an automated return-to-home function so users won’t have to worry about tricky landings.

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