Zeiss and Nokia to Team on Smartphones

July 6, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

There have been a series of high-profile pairings between traditional photo companies and smartphone makers of late. There’s Leica and Huawei, Hasselblad and Motorola and the latest team-up, Zeiss and Nokia.

HMD Global, the company that bought Nokia’s phone business, has formed an exclusive partnership with the lens maker to co-develop imaging technologies for Nokia phones–including optics, software, services and displays.

This is not the first time Zeiss has paired up with Nokia. In fact, the two companies teamed up over a decade ago to produce the first multi-megapixel phone. What they will produce in this new era of cooperation isn’t yet clear. In a briefing with CNET, the head of HMD was vague, mentioning augmented reality and video as two areas of focus.

Zeiss  is no stranger to mobile photography. The company already sells accessory lenses for the iPhone. Nokia has also been known to push the boundaries of mobile imaging, having introduced a 41-megapixel phone in 2013.