Object of Desire: PowerVision PowerEye Payload

February 8, 2018


The PowerVision PowerEye Payload Drone.

While DJI has a strong hold on the camera drone market, other drone makers aren’t giving up. PowerVision’s new PowerEye Payload is capable of lifting up to 4.4 pounds of camera gear aloft. Out of the box, it’s outfitted with a Micro Four Thirds-based 4K camera that can be removed in favor of your own camera rig. Operators can switch between seeing a first-person, drone’s eye view that’s available through a dedicated camera in the front of the drone or a standard preview of what the drone’s main camera is capturing. When the PowerEye Payload drone is carrying its maximum capacity, you’ll get about 12.5 minutes of air time but you can extend that to nearly 30 minutes with its standard 4K camera. It has an object detection system that sounds an audible alarm to help avoid mid-air collisions.  

PRICE: $3,999
INFO: www.powervision.me

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