Elinchrom Revamps Quadra Flash Lineup

March 9, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Elinchrom has updated its Quadra portable flash with the new ELB 400.

The ELB 400 delivers three new features to the Quadra line first seen on the larger ELC HD Pro monolight including strobo, delay and sequence modes. The battery pack will also feature the same OLED-based menu system as the one we were impressed with on the ELC HD Pro.

The 424W/s ELB 400 draws power from a portable battery pack that offers a pair of asymmetrical power outputs. You’ll enjoy 350 full-power flashes from a fully charged battery or as many as 6,000 flashes at the minimum power setting. It takes an hour and a half to recharge a depleted battery. 

The flash output is adjustable over a 6.9 f-stop range. There will be two basic configurations: A Pro head prioritizes maximum power and features a flash duration of 1/1200 sec. at full power (measured in t0.5). An Action head, which prioritizes shorter flash durations over power output, clocks in with durations of 1/2800 sec. 

The Quadra ELB 400 features Elinchrom’s El-Skyport wireless receiver system built-in and is compatible with the existing line of Quadra batteries and accessories. 

The flash and battery combined weigh just shy of 6 pounds. The ELB 400 is due in April. Pricing has not been finalized.