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Film Finale: Canon Discontinues EOS-1V, Leica Ends M7

May 31, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

While film emulsions have been on something of an upswing in recent years and instant photography is still going strong, it looks like an altogether different story for 35mm film cameras.

In the past week, both Leica and Canon have announced the end of the road for two pivotal film cameras: the Leica M7 and the Canon EOS 1v.

The M7 was introduced in 2002, while the EOS 1V was born in 2000. It’s safe to say they’ve had good runs.

Owners of the Canon 1V will have service and support through 2025. Evidently Canon had stopped manufacturing the camera back in 2010 and was simply selling through its inventory. With the termination of the 1V, Canon no longer makes a 35mm film camera.

Leica hasn’t spelled out servicing for existing M7s yet but they still offer two film cameras, the MP and the M-A.

As an aside, here’s the full announcement from Canon Japan as translated by Google. It feels like Google missed some nuance in the translation. Emphasis is ours:


Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Canon products.

By the way, we are finally decided to end sales for the film single lens reflex camera “EOS – 1v”.

We will also take repair measures until October 31, 2025, even after the repair correspondence period of our company’s repair service contract for the purpose of improving service and support for customers who use this product.

※ After the repair correspondence period of our company repair service contract (October 31, 2020), we may refuse the repair due to parts inventory situation.

Although it is truly selfish, thank you for your kind understanding of the circumstances.


Via: DPReview, PetaPixel