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CineStill Releases DF96 Monobath For DIY Black-and-White Film Developing

June 19, 2018

If you’re the type that likes to develop your own black-and-white film, CineStill’s new monobath may be worth a look.

The single-step DF96 “uses a more effective processing technology (akin to D96 motion picture developer) that buffers fixing, and archival fixing agents that are more solvent and aid in breaking down the silver and redepositing it, to achieve crisp uniform grain and wide development latitude,” according to CineStill.

The monobath is archival and, because it’s an alkaline solution, features a very rapid washing time (about five minutes). To develop film using the monobath, you need to have a processing tank, a room thermometer and a liquid thermometer to gage the temperature of the solution. The recommended time/agitation combination is printed on the label.

You’ll be able to process over 16 rolls of film using one liter of solution–you can pour used chemistry back into the bottle and tack on an extra 15 seconds for each subsequent roll you process. Films can be pushed or pulled by adjusting temperature +/-10°F per stop.

Processing temperatures range from 70-80 degrees F and a roll can be processed in 3 minutes when the solution is 80 degrees F. Oh, and CineStill says it’s odor free.

You can pick up a liter for $17.

Hat tip: Emulsive

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