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Impossible Project Rebrands Itself As Polaroid Originals, Launches New Instant Camera

September 14, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

In May, the consortium of investors and private equity groups that own the Polaroid brand sold the company (PLR IP Holdings) to a Polish investor who happens to be the majority shareholder in the Impossible Project–the company that purchased the last Polaroid film factory.

Now, the Impossible Project is taking the next logical step and rebranding itself as Polaroid Originals and releasing a brand new instant camera, the OneStep 2.

The OneStep 2 is an homage to the original OneStep, retaining the original’s simplicity with a few modern updates. It features a fixed 106mm lens that focuses from .6m – infinity and a built-in flash. There’s a dial to adjust exposure (lighten and darken) and a self-timer function as well. The built-in battery is rechargeable via USB.

It accepts 600 Type and i-Type films.

The OneStep 2 will ship in mid-October for $100.