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Kodak Is Reintroducing T-Max P3200 Film

February 23, 2018

Like Herbert West, Kodak has been re-animating a number of its deceased films lately.

Now comes word that another film is poised for rebirth: the T-MAX P3200 Film/ TMZ, a multi-speed panchromatic black-and-white negative film.

According to Kodak, while the nominal film speed of P3200 TMZ is ISO 800, the “P” means it’s designed to be push processed to EI 3200 or higher. Kodak says you can expose this film at EI 3200 or 6400 with good results but beyond EI 6400, you should test to determine if the results are “appropriate for your needs.”
The film is aimed at low light environments or when shooting fast action.

The film will be sold in the 135-36x format and should begin shipping to dealers in March. Pricing was not disclosed. The film will retail for $11 a pack.

“It’s no secret that we’ve been looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio” said Dennis Olbrich, President of Kodak Alaris Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film in a statement announcing the film’s release. “Darkroom photography is making a comeback, and B&W Film sales are clearly on a positive trajectory. Given these very encouraging market trends, we believe P3200 TMZ will be a great addition to our lineup”.