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New Film: Street Candy ATM 400

March 27, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

One of the storylines of the 21st century film renaissance has been the “right-sizing” of film manufacturing to fit the more modest demands of today’s film photographers. Mammoth factories are out. Opportunistic sourcing and smaller scale operations are in.

One of the newest films to hit the market, Street Candy ATM 400, illustrates this trend perfectly. Originally created for ATM and other security cameras, this film has been brought to the 35mm photography market by Vincent Moschetti, the proprietor of the website.

According to Moschetti, he was looking for a film that wasn’t currently sold in 35mm, which led him to a roll of a former security surveillance film. The ISO 400 film is thinner than your typical 35mm photo film and very contrasty. Moschetti is selling the film exclusively through Cameraville. A 5-pack will set you back $36.

Street Candy can be pushed but Moschetti says you need to “be gentle with it” so he’s only advising pushing it by one stop. (This data sheet has all the developing deets.)  Since the film is in a recycled cartridge, it’s not recommended for use in fully motorized/automatic cameras.

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