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The Rolleiflex Is Back – Kind Of

April 27, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

The Rolleiflex is one of those instantly recognizable, iconic cameras, even if it’s long defunct and the company behind it, Rollei, closed down in 2015 after changing hands multiple times (fun fact: it was owned for a time by Samsung).

The instant camera maker Mint may not have the brand cachet of Rollei but definitely drew design inspiration from the firm for their own line of dual lens instant film cameras. Now, Mint is releasing a new instant film camera (a variant of its existing TL70 2.0) that it says it produced in collaboration with Rollei engineers. The new model will be dubbed the Rolleiflex Instant Karma.

The Instant Karma accepts Fujifilm Instax Mini film and features:

* an adjustable aperture across a range from f/5.6-22
* focusing from 48cm to infinity
* 1:1 image previews
* built-in flash
* a Fresnel anti-glare coated, waist-level viewfinder
* ambient light meter that displays a green or orange to indicate when you’ve achieved a correct exposure
* multiple exposure mode
* long exposure mode, up to 10 seconds
* exposure compensation
* shutter speed range from 1-1/500 sec.

The camera was launched on Kickstarter and achieved its funding goals quickly. It is well over 100 percent funded and Mint plans to ship the camera this October. A final U.S. price wasn’t available. Sample images provided by Mint are available in the gallery above.

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