Five Fun Gifts for Photographers

November 30, 2015

By Greg Scoblete


If there’s one thing photographers (and anyone shopping for photographers) quickly come to terms with, it’s that photo gear isn’t cheap. When it comes to holiday shopping, it may not be cost effective equip a photographer with truly needed equipment.

But you can always stuff their stocking with photo kitsch. 

Here are five of our favorite novelties that should bring a smile to any photog’s face.

Snack Cap

(Image: Photojojo)

Lens caps are many things, but “fun” they are not. Photojojo’s Snack Caps inkjet a bit of needed flare and light heartedness into protecting your glass. The caps come in a donut or burger design for 52, 58 and 72mm lens threads. They also ship with a leash, lest you drop your tasty treat.

Price: $10

HDE Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser

While film stocks may be dwindling, the world has a never-ending need for what this novelty dispenser carries. It fits any standard roll of toilet paper and can be screwed into a wall. The canister can also be used as a tissue box for when your imagery brings viewers to the emotional brink. 

Price: $8

Mode Dial Cufflinks

Photographers tend to be a pretty casual bunch, but when the occasion calls for something a bit more formal, these camera mode cufflinks will keep you subversive. The 3/4-inch diameter cufflinks are made of metal and features bullet back closure.

Price: $50

Vintage Camera Bookends

If you need something to prop up all those photo books lining your shelves, look no further than these Expedition Vintage Camera bookends. They’re heavy enough to keep your tomes upright and the Rolleiflex replicas will remind anyone perusing your library that you’re hip to photo history, not just well read.

Price: $45

Camera Cookie Cutters

(Image: Photojojo)

If your creativity extends to cookies, these camera-themed cutters will give your edibles the look of an SLR, rangefinder or twin reflex camera. It includes a dough stamp so you can add those extra details on your delicious dessert. 

Price: $18