HD-DSLR Movies and Mobile Imaging Highlight Exhibits at Photokina 2012 Show in Germany

September 5, 2012


Special Exhibits at photokina

There will be numerous special photo and imaging exhibits at photokina this year. The show runs from Sept. 18-22nd in Cologne Germany. Exhibits include:

Shoot Movie and Mobile Imaging

Shooting movies with DSLR cameras and picture taking with mobile handheld devices are major trends which influence the way professionals and amateurs are taking pictures. Photokina will feature those trends in special exhibit area on the photokina show floor.

Mobile Imaging Exhibit

More than 700 million smart phones will be sold in 2012. Every third mobile phone sold in Europe is a Smartphone. A “Mobile Imaging Showcase Area” will feature Smartphone manufacturers showing their products in an upscale setting. Part of this exhibit is a public forum thatwill discuss and compare the picture taking capabilities of mobile phones and compact cameras. “Will smart phones one day replace compact cameras?” will be one of the main topics. In 2010, over 500,000 user searches for photo-apps were recorded in Germany – 963 million apps were loaded onto mobile phones in 2011. The forum will look at future developments of this new fast evolving market.

Location: Hall 5.2

Shoot Movie Section

The majority of digital still cameras are now capable of taking HD quality movie sequences. Particular suitable for movie taking are single lens reflex (SLR) cameras and system cameras. 75% of recently surveyed Professional Photographers think that the movie making capability has become relevant to their working world. The “shoot movie” section at photokina will offer suppliers a high visible setting to present their products. Professional users will find the latest technologies and gear for their working environment. A stage program will provide manufacturers to explain new features in an open dialog with the audience. Special focus will be given to fast changing technology requirements and skills sets needed by professional photographers.

Location: Hall 4.1

Matrix Ring – Special Exhibit

A special exhibit will feature a CGI area in Hall 4.1. The matrix ring is a software – controlled system equipped with 18 digital cameras that are used to create 360° fashion photographs ( The ring’s 20 feet diameter provides sufficient room for making matrix movies. Around 600 panorama photographs were taken and published during photokina in 2010.

Location: Hall 4.1 – Booth B 40/C37

Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) Award @ photokina

For the first time, photokina will present a CGIAward – CGI renderings will be displayed at photokina showing the latest virtual photographic solutions for presentations. Students of the Design department of the Georg Simon Ohm College will showcase their works. Categories for the contest are “Still” and “Moving/Interactive” images. The competition is open to agencies, photographers, designers and studios working with CGI. An independent panelwill evaluate the renderings submitted. The best selections will be featured in the “Best of CGI Gallery” – deadline for entries is 31st July 2012.

Location: Hall 4.1 Booth A 43/C 45

Uwe Ommer’s Teens and Families exhibit – Photo Exhibit

One of the highlights at photokina will be a display of works by Uwe Ommer, an internationally renowned photographers who lives in Paris. The presentation is being sponsored by the German Ministry of Family Affairs.

Families from all regions in Europe will be depicted on 57 large-format photographs which were selected among 300 pictures. Ommer interviewed the families on social issues and current living situations they were facing. Family members describe their family situation, adversity they are facing but also social and political aspects such as sustainable development, environmental protection, Europe and its future. The result is a collection of creative and futuristic concepts. Pictures and articles aim to show the present-day face of Europe and are designed to gain a better understanding among European neighbors.

Location: Passage Way between Halls 2 and 4

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