Impossible Project Announces Return of 8×10 Instant Film

August 23, 2012

By Conor Risch

© Thom Jackson

Photo Gallery: PQ 8×10 Silver Shade Test Images

A new large-format, 8×10 instant film will hit the market on August 30, the Impossible Project announced today.

The film, which contains 10 photos in each pack, is compatible with all 8×10 cameras equipped with a Polaroid film holder, as well as the original Polaroid 8×10 processor, the company said. A single pack will retail for $189.

In 2009, the Enschede, Netherlands-based company announced its project to revive instant film. That same year the group obtained the Polaroid company’s last intact 8×10 instant film production machine and shipped it from Polaroid’s Waltham, Massachusetts factory to their headquarters in the Netherlands.

“At that time it was uncertain whether it would ever be possible to manufacture a new 8×10 film,” Impossible Project founder Florian Kaps said in a statement. Because many of the components that comprised Polaroid’s instant films were no longer available, Impossible’s challenge has been to reengineer these instant films using components they and their partners could manufacture.

In 2010 they began releasing instant film packs for vintage Polaroid cameras. The PQ 8×10 Silver Shade film is their latest release and their first large-format instant film.

“Today we are proud to announce the revival of this legendary format with the new PQ 8×10 film”, Kaps said.

The new PQ 8×10 Silver Shade film will be available on, and at Impossible Project Spaces in New York City, Paris, Vienna and Tokyo, and at other Impossible retailers worldwide.

The company also announced an exhibition of the first photographs taken on the 8×10 this new film. From August 23–September 24, the Impossible Project Space in New York City will exhibit work by Chloe Aftel, Penny Felts-Nannini, Adam Goldberg, Thom Jackson, Tim Mantoani, Alan Marcheselli, Melodie McDaniel, Stefan Milev, Nicholas Misciagna, Rommel Pecson, Bill Phelps and Neal Winter.

Photo Gallery: PQ 8×10 Silver Shade Test Images