iPad Portfolio App Review: Prezent

May 21, 2013

By Dan Havlik

I’ve written a couple of roundups in recent years about photo portfolio apps for the iPad and those stories have consistently been some of our most heavily trafficked gear pieces on PDNOnline. Clearly, photographers are clamoring for information on these types of apps and I’ve tried out a number of them, many of them quite good. A brand new app, however, helps create one of the more interesting iPad portfolio presentations I’ve seen yet. Called Prezent, the app was created by Chicago-based photographer Jeff Sciortino as a way to better present both still photos and motion video in one integrated iPad portfolio. It’s simple and quite ingenious.

While it hadn’t officially launched at the time of this writing, the Prezent app had a relatively inexpensive proposed price point of $8.99, with a $6.99 introductory price for the first week after launch on April 2. Once you have the app loaded on your iPad, you need to organize the photos and video you want to present, er, “prezent,” on the app. First you arrange the still and motion content into a single master folder on your computer and then transfer that to your iPad. Yes, because the iPad is designed as a hermetic, standalone device, it does not interact well with external devices so organizing everything beforehand is critical.

Once all your content is gathered into a master folder, connect the iPad to iTunes and tell it to use that particular folder as your Photos folder. And don’t forget to check the “include videos” box before you sync your iPad to iTunes.

Once that’s done, the trickiest part of the app is over with. (Phew!) Open up Prezent, find your photos and video, and start arranging a multimedia portfolio. The app is fairly intuitive, letting you make a cover page and then subsequent pages with assorted photos and videos side-by-side. The way the app is designed, video starts rolling once a page in the Prezent portfolio is turned to it. I like this aspect because it gives the portfolio a fluid feel but make sure the video you chose is not too loud or jarring, or you might give the viewer a jolt.

There are a few ways to link to supporting content, including a More button in the portfolio, which, for instance, lets you add some outtakes, or behind-the-scenes footage to a particular page, but there aren’t too many distracting bells and whistles with the app and I appreciated that. I’m all for a deep dive into someone’s work but when it gets too deep it can seem muddled.

At the end of a Prezent portfolio, you can add an outro page, which lets you insert a link to your website into the final image or graphic, taking the viewer there directly when they’re done looking at the presentation. That’s a smart marketing touch.

The Bottom Line
Who says video and stills can’t coexist in an iPad portfolio? Prezent, created by photographer Jeff Sciortino, is one of the best multimedia portfolio presentation apps for the iPad I’ve tried, letting you showcase both the nifty still and video work you captured with your HD-shooting digital SLR.

Pros: Finally, an easy way to integrate both still photos and video in an iPad presentation

Cons: Don’t place a loud, jarring video next to your photos or you might startle the view

Price: $8.99;

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