5 Budget-Friendly Cine Lenses

March 20, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Sigma Cine Lens 18-35mm T2.0

Every model in Sigma’s Cine lens portfolio is weatherproof and has luminous paint markings to make them easier to read. They have cam-driven focus rotations of 180 degrees for smooth focus pulls and standard gear positions for accessories like follow focus and matte boxes. They also include a manual linear iris control and electronic mounts to provide camera metadata. The 18-35mm is available in a Canon EF, Sony E and PL mount. Its nine rounded aperture blades stop down to T16 and it can focus on objects as close as a 11 inches.

Price: $3,999
Info: www.sigmaphoto.com

SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 Cine II

This Micro Four Thirds mount lens stops down to T16. It’s a manual lens with 12 aperture blades to bring the bokeh. You’ll enjoy an all-metal construction with geared focus and aperture rings and a de-clicked aperture for smooth exposure transitions.

Price: $429
Info: www.slrmagic.com

Rokinon Xeen 14mm T3.1

Filmmaking lenses in Rokinon’s Xeen line feature dual-sided focus and iris scales so that operators on either side of the lens can view them. The focus and iris gears are industry standard and can be found in the same position on all of the Xeen lenses. The 14mm is fully manual (both focus and aperture) and uses a multi-coating to reduce flare and ghosting. It has a minimum focusing distance of 11 inches. The lens is sold in Canon, Nikon, Sony E, PL and Micro Four Thirds mounts.

Price: $2,495
Info: www.xeenusa.com

Schneider Optics Xenon 100mm T2.1 E-Mount

Schneider Optics has jumped on the E-mount bandwagon with its Xenon cinema lenses. You’ll enjoy a 300-degree rotation of the manual focus ring for smooth and precise focusing. Anti-reflection coatings keep lens flare at bay. The 100mm T2.1 lens can focus on objects as close as 1 meter. It boasts 14 aperture blades.

Price: $3,360
Info: www.schneideroptics.com

FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9

This cinema lens maintains a constant T2.9 aperture throughout its zoom range. It offers manual iris control and a 200-degree focus rotation for smooth focus pulling. There are three identically placed gear rings for focus, iris and zoom, a macro function and a Flange Focal Distance adjustment function. It features a minimum object distance of 2.78 feet. It’s sold in a Sony E-mount.

Price: $3,799
Info: www.fujifilm.com


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