Leica Goes Old School with New 28mm Lens

October 19, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Leica hit PhotoPlus Expo with a new Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 lens for its M rangefinder system and a special edition model of its advanced compact camera, the Leica Q.

The 28mm f/5.6 retains the optical design and mechanical construction of its decades-old predecessor and is incredibly small at less than 2 centimeters in length. According to Leica, by preserving the old design, the new lens will deliver a “special classic look reminiscent of earlier days of analog photography” — no filters required.

The lens can focus on objects as close as 1 meter away and stops down to f/22.

The exterior of the lens has changed a bit to better match the current M camera lineup. It’s machined from solid brass and assembled entirely by hand.

Leica is expecting fairly heavy demand for the new lens and is warning of potentially long delivery times in the first few months of its availability. Pricing wasn’t immediately available.


The company also announced a special edition Leica Q with a Titanium Gray finish. The Q is Leica’s full frame, advanced compact camera and this new edition features a titanium-gray lacquer finish on the camera’s top, back and baseplate. The feet scale and the focal length number engravings on the lens are detailed in red. It ships with carrying strap built from ropes used for mountain climbing, too. Imaging-wise, though, it’s identical to the original (which we reviewed here).

The Leica Q Titanium Gray will be available mid-November 2016. You can check out additional views of the Q in the slideshow above.