Object of Desire: Meyer Optik Nocturnus 50 f/0.95 II

March 9, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Meyer Optik Nocturnus 50 f/0.95 II

Sony’s a7S II has pushed the boundaries of low- and available-light photography with heretofore unimaginable ISO levels. But sometimes, it’s better to let the light in the old fashioned way, with a crazy wide aperture lens. Meyer Optik’s new Nocturnus 50mm lens fits that bill nicely. This ultra-fast 50mm prime lens offers an incredibly shallow depth of field with an f/0.95 aperture. You’ll enjoy 15 aperture blades with anti-reflex coating to bring the bokeh. When you need to dial back the incoming light, the Nocturnus stops down to f/22. This is a manual lens with dedicated rings for aperture and focus control. The aperture ring has no click stops and Meyer says it operates in “near silence” making it suitable for filmmaking. It has a minimum focusing distance of 19 inches. It’s available for Sony E mount and can mount to both full frame and APS-C bodies and accepts 67mm filters. As you’d expect with such fast glass, it won’t be the lightest piece of gear in your bag at 1.5 pounds, but you needed to work off those holiday pounds anyway, didn’t you?

PRICE: $2,999
INFO: www.meyer-optik-goerlitz.com