Object of Desire: Techart EF GFX Adapter

January 18, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

The Techart EF-GFX Adapter

Here’s an eye-opening stat we learned from Fujifilm executives at PhotoPlus Expo: Since the launch of the GFX medium-format camera, there have been 105 third-party lens adapters introduced to connect a range of glass to Fujifilm’s new camera body. Amid this deluge, Techart earns the distinction of having the first Canon EF-to-Fujifilm GFdX mount adapter to support autofocusing. Of course, adapting a full frame lens to a medium format camera body means you’ll get vignetting on some lenses, but it also opens up the new camera to a wider universe of lens options. Techart is posting sample images made with various EF mount lenses on its site so you can see the vignetting effects of various lenses for yourself (and some lenses have little to none). The adapter supports AF-S mode and image stabilized lenses, saving both focal length and aperture information in the image’s EXIF data. Continuous autofocusing and AF during video recording aren’t quite ready yet, but will be rolled out in a future firmware update. Speaking of which, the adapter’s firmware is user-upgradeable via a micro USB port. Beyond autofocusing, the adapter supports in-body aperture control using both Canon and Sigma EF mount lenses. It draws power from the camera itself.

PRICE: $499
INFO: www.techartpro.com

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