Object of Desire: Zeiss CP.3 XD Cine Lens

July 14, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Zeiss CP.3 XD Cine Lens

It’s a big-data world and Zeiss’s new full-frame cinema lenses are aimed at helping filmmakers on a budget leverage lens metadata just like their well-funded Hollywood peers. The secret sauce is Zeiss’s metadata, dubbed eXtended Data (XD), which saves lens distortion and shading for every frame of video, alongside industry-standard metrics like focus distance, aperture value and depth of field. Armed with this unique XD data, filmmakers can add computer-generated effects that properly conform to a lens’s unique characteristics. The lens effects themselves can also be more easily removed, or emphasized, during post production when working with XD metadata. To do that, you’ll need a Zeiss plug-in for your color grading and editing software. Zeiss has paired with Ambient to integrate XD metadata into Ambient’s MasterLockit Plus metadata recording system. XD data can also be saved as a sidecar file or embedded in a video file in your camera. Zeiss has also linked up with the software company Pomfort to enable LiveGrade Pro software to modify CP.3 XD lens shading and distortion in real time. The CP.3 XD lineup consists of 10 compact prime lenses spanning 15-135mm focal lengths with maximum apertures ranging from T2.1 to T2.9, depending on focal length. Like all cine lenses, the CP.3 XD models have industry-standard gearings and focus rings and a long focus rotation of 300 degrees. Zeiss plans to add additional features to its XD data collection in the future via firmware upgrades. 

PRICE: $5,790-$7,490
INFO: www.zeiss.com