Object of Desire: Fotodiox Excell +1

October 17, 2014

By Greg Scoblete

All the excitement around Metabones’ speed-boosting lens mount adapters has lured additional competitors into the market. Fotodiox’s new Excell+1 is notable not just for its novelty, but also its price—at $160, it’s considerably less expensive than the $400-plus adapters it competes with. The Excell+1 mounts to a Micro Four Thirds camera body and allows you to use older, full-frame lenses from either Canon or Nikon to obtain a wider angle of view. The Excell+1 effectively reduces the “crop factor” of a given lens, so a 50mm Micro Four Thirds lens that typically has a 100mm full-frame equivalent would enjoy a 70mm field of view with the Excell+1. Fotodiox claims the mount will give you an extra stop past your lens’ maximum aperture, giving you a bit more speed. The Excell+1 features an aperture-adjustment dial; older lenses with their own aperture dials can use the adapter’s as a depth of field preview lever. But there are a few trade-offs for that extra speed: no autofocus, or any automatic lens features, for that matter. You’ll be shooting in manual or aperture priority mode when the mount is fastened to your camera. Fotodiox sells an Excell+1 adapter for Nikon G and D lenses as well as one for Canon’s FD manual lenses (including FL mounts).
PRICE: $160