Rokinon’s New Xeen Lenses Take Aim at Cinematographers

August 17, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

 Rokinon has announced a new line of cinema lenses aiming at higher-end cinema applications while maintaining the aggressive pricing strategy that marked the company’s earlier line of cinema lenses.

The new Xeen lenses will share the same optical formula and groupings as the existing Cine DS line (which stays in the market as well). But there will be several critical differences distinguishing the Xeen products from the Cine DS lineup. Among them:

* new and improved optical coatings

* longer, 200-degree focus throw

* tighter color testing

* revamped construction and housing for greater stability and durability

* a 3 year warranty (vs. 1 year for DS lenses)

* PL mount option

* the ability to shim the lens mount (an option that Rokinon advises is better left to rental houses than end users)

* 114mm diameter filter threads for mounting matte boxes

* 11 aperture blades for a more rounded bokeh (vs. between 6-9 blades for Cine DS models)

Like the Cine DS line, the Xeen lenses will have uniform focus and aperture dials, focal markings on either side of the lens and apertures calibrated in T-stops.

The initial assortment of Xeen lenses will include a 24mm T1.5 for $2,495, a 50mm T1.5 for $2,495 and an 85mm T1.5 for $2,945.